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What Our Customers Say

I ordered my best and most stylish t-shirt from Diiple. Very strong recommendation! VesaMatti L.

Loving my shirt! Good Quality! Thanks! AcademicallyQualified

Fast delivery! T-shirts look and feel great, would recommend them. Jarmo T.

Visually the shirts and bags look great! I understand the main point is to recognize the classics, and "formulated xxxx" refers in a fun way to that plus many other directions. However, people who have academic education AND are keen on classics might be quite few. What about the huge mass of those who graduated many years ago, those who can hardly remember the classics referred, not to mention the new ones. So, perhaps there could be more hints, perhaps not (always) the name of the classic, but something. Kalle T.

I love the idea, quality and style. Check out these bags! They are a must! Wishlist: bags on black and white colour. Minna T.

Just awesome! Very good quality, but above all, I like the designs a lot. Go girls & boys! Timoti Sivola


Hannah Arendt

The most recent analysis in our series of pocket-sized studies is about one of the leading political thinkers of the twentieth century who was concerned with how the world is becoming fully instrumentalized.

Trials and Errors in Academic Streetwear

Our newest blog post discusses some of the struggles we have had on our journey.

The story of Diiple

Check out the story behind Diiple and its slogan 'Passionate About Academic Streetwear and the Revaluation of Values'.

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