Does your t-shirt make the world smaller?

Kai Eriksson

Posted on December 15 2017

In our previous post, we argued that logo t-shirts narrow the scope of t-shirt aesthetics. You might wonder why should this matter. There are so many choices of t-shirts available, so why worry about logo t-shirts?


They are making meaninglessness the norm, that’s why. 


If, by chance, you haven’t already realized, we LOVE t-shirts! That’s why we take them so seriously.


We’ve tackled the topic of logo-shirts from the big brands. We also know that more pragmatic consumers will look for t-shirts that cost less. Now let’s talk about indie t-shirts.


These have designs that cater to the interests of a specific customer group. Indie shirts definitely convey meaning by showing off an affiliation that the consumer hopes to identify themselves with, such as a skateboard or bike brand or a specific band.


Ironically, the indie category makes the world smaller rather than larger. Indie t-shirts allow people to create small cliques, identifiable by the designs on their clothing.


However, the people who wear these t-shirts are not sharing anything distinctive. Rather, the image these people are cultivating is formed around a mass-produced identity.


Whereas logo t-shirts make intentionally our world meaningless, indie shirts make it smaller.


Our philosophy can be described as an attempt to make sense – or meaning. Although the designs we share are not recognizable to all, the group that can identify with them is by no means marginal.


We are talking about people who, like us, feel bored at seeing the same logos on everyone else. The ordinary is tiresome.


Big brands promote familiarity, which in turn creates a sense of safety. That safety in numbers generates uniformity out of ordinariness.


Because we all are inclined to seek this safety, it takes a unique personality and a defiant attitude to be able to break free from the group.


Standing out may not be safe, but it is far more interesting. Combined with an appreciation for cultural references, this attitude characterizes the personalities and unique individuals we are looking to connect with.


We want to play with colour combinations and printing techniques to create fresh, interesting, attractive designs that we would wear ourselves. We foster the kind of difference that allows you to stand out in a crowd.


We hope that our clothing makes the world larger by highlighting the unique rather than the meaningless. We don’t feel the need to conform. How about you?


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