What is Diiple?

Kai Eriksson

Posted on September 20 2017

We have created Diiple for two reasons. We describe these two things in our slogan “Passionate About Academic Streetwear and the Revaluation of Values”. Let us briefly explain what we mean.


The first point is style, fashion and streetwear created for and by students, scholars and aficionados.


Global corporations pursuing the maximum number of customers dominate the fashion industry. This is why especially T-shirts are just canvases for brand logos or random slogans that make no sense at all.


And we are used to this situation.


We want to take a stand against this. Seriously, who wants to be a billboard for an impersonal corporation, and do it for free on top of it all?


Of course, demanding that the print art one wears on one’s clothing should make sense may sound unusual but we think it should be the basic requirement.


This is why there is no fashion label that wants to take the academic world as their business.


The niche is too small and students don’t buy premium quality clothing, or that is what they say.


But we don’t believe that at all. We are creating unprecedented streetwear for the academic community.


The second point is that we created Diiple because of a real passion for radical, unorthodox and iconoclastic thought that is found in various fields of theory, culture and society.


The most impressive achievements of this thought do not focus on individual objects but change the way we conceive the structure that gives rise to these objects in the first place.


Nietzsche famously called this the revaluation of all values and we think that following him in this is not a bad idea at all.


We want to study and celebrate some of the most magnificent accomplishments that are relevant to investigating contemporary society.


Of course, we are only starting out, but this is what we have set out to do.


However, we aren’t going to decide the future themes of our studies all on our own but lean on our steadily growing community of academics and other interested parties.


You have a say in the matter, and we truly appreciate your contribution.


Lastly, our name. What is Diiple, really? We coined the name because it was fresh and free of any unwanted connotations that natural words may have.


But the double vowels may seem troubling, we know.


For us this is exactly the point. We like to think that Diiple represents something between the familiar and unfamiliar, containing something unsolvable in it.


And of course, the double vowels bring a fresh breeze from the Nordic countries, from which Diiple comes from.



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