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Posted on May 03 2018

Full name: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

Born: September 4th 1981 in Houston, Texas

A powerful, influential female artists and a business woman





Childhood and early years: performs in various singing and dancing competitions


Part of girls’ band Destiny’s Child, after which starts her single career and became more influential


Builds up her artistic career as solo singer and actress


Founds Survivor Foundation for hurricane Katrina victims


Founds her own company Parkwood entertainment


Her career rockets, she made films and won various awards


  • Ambassador for the UN World Humanitarian Day
  • Participates in Global Citizen charity organization to raise awareness of poverty cycles
  • 2013

    Co-funds Chime for Change charity organization for women’s rights


    Designs sportswear brand with Topshop aiming to inspire and encourage women to self-love and feeling good in their bodies


    Becomes a co-owner of all artist owned streaming service Tidal


    Releases Formation and stands up against police violence 




    • Career of 19 years
    • 179 songs, six albums
    • 10 movies (for example: Dream Girls, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Obsessed, More)
    • Numerous awards and nominations (for example: 20 Grammys, 24 MTV Video Music Awards, Top Female Artist of the 2000s and Top Radio Songs Artist of the Decade by Billboard)
    • Founded her own company Parkwood entertainment
    • Cofounded music streaming service Tidal
    • Founded her own sports-wear brand Ivy Park
    • Listed among 100 most influential people in 2013 & 2014 by Times
    • Listed as the most powerful female in entertainment in 2015 by Forbes




    Aim as an artist is to “create art that helps people heal” and that “makes people feel proud of their struggle” (Beyoncé)

    The first female artist to brake so many records

    • Only artist in history whose all six albums debuted at no 1 on the Billboard 200 chart
    • Only artist in history whose all studio albums have won Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B
    • First female artist to win so many Grammys (41 so far)
    • First African-American woman to win Songwriter of the Year (from American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) Pop Music Awards 2001)
    • Most #1 singles by a female artist on this decade
    Has adapted strong African-American influences on her singing style
    • For example: slang, grammar
    • This is not very often seen in popular art (except for rap / hiphop)
    • She has also maintained this style thorough her career

    Musically she has become a trend setter, mixing r&b, soul and pop like no other artist has done successfully before





      • Societal criticism
      • Feminism
      • Anti-racism
      • Anti-violence
      • Empowerment for African-Americans
      • Empowerment for African-American women
      • Also simply entertainment



      AN EXAMPLE: FORMATION (song), 2016


      She takes an activist stance

        The song became a part of public discussion about race and criminal-justice reform in America
          Strong social critique against “nation’s crimes against its darker skinned citizens” (Guardian)
            The song is one of post-Ferguson (i.e. Ferguson shootings and unrest) songs (but differs from others in not focusing on death)
            • Against “police brutality and injustice” (Beyoncé)
              Said to be “a powerful statement of black southern resilience” (Rolling Stones)
                Portrays black women “as soldiers and leaders in social justice movements” (Guardian)
                  Lyrics and video together form a strong political stance
                    • Address racial topics
                    • Embrace her blackness & background
                    • Call African American women to stand side by side (in formation)
                    • Already the title is rebellious (calling for action)
                    • Personal, telling her own history
                      • Southern black women portrayed in a marginal way not seen frequently in pop art
                      • Shows multiple identities of archetypical Southern blackness presented by her
                      • Portrays differences in (black) class, sexuality and gender
                      • Points to the gender inequity in social justice movements by portraying women and queer bodies in Formation
                      • Political
                      • Personal
                      • Queer
                      • Provocative
                        • Said to “exploit New Orleans’ trauma”
                        • Alleged anti-police stance 





                        She works for Chime for Change, and Global Citizen

                          • With issues related to education, health & sanitation around the world
                          • Empowering young girls around the world
                            Started Survivor Foundation after hurricane Katrina
                              Hope for Haiti

                                Joined Michelle Obama campaign against child obesity 






                                She uses her power and influence to provoke, and to take part in, discussion about difficult topics in America

                                Empowering women, many women feel inspired and encouraged by her

                                • Declaring herself feminist
                                • Sharing “woman-power ethos”, encouraging self-love and feeling good in one’s own body
                                • Partly through the brand Ivy Park 
                                  Empowering African Americans
                                    Encourages to hard work
                                    • Telling openly about her “slaying” (in Formation lyrics for example) and about- difficult times she has gone through (depression for example) 



                                    DIIPLE RECOMMENDS – SELECTED SONGS (that bring up some of her main themes of societal criticism)


                                    • Formation (2016)
                                    • I Was Here (made for UN World Humanitarian Day) (2012)
                                    • Run the World (Girls) (2011)

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