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Diiple focuses on high quality and trendy Americana-inspired casual wear as well as lifestyle products. Quality fabrics, unique detailing, and authentic graphics characterize them. Drawing on contemporary theory, culture, and society, Diiple wants to bring sense and meaningfulness to graphics that typically tend to be nonsensical. We introduced the name academic streetwear for our products. We want to make sense.

Diiple puts the utmost care into the design and construction of the garments that meet the European Union standards for textiles and their chemical components. These standards include the European Parliament and Council Directive, REACH, as well as Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Diiple carefully selects only the best materials in order to maintain the sustainable development of natural resources.

Diiple is not only a lifestyle brand but also an academic community that values transforming ideas. We will publish a growing number of analyses, linked to the subjects of our graphics, about the persons, concepts, and themes we consider truly remarkable. In this, we depend on the help of our audience.

The company is based on Helsinki, Finland, but it intends to expand rapidly to the mainland of the European Union. We have only been in business since 2016, and the web store launched in the summer of 2017. We hope that you catch some of our excitement and tell your friends and networks about us. 

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